While OzTimberFloor is proud to be the nations number 1 provider of quality ground to walk on, we also believe that homeowners, businessowners and renovators should always be on the front foot when it comes to ensuring they’re getting what they pay for in general, particularly for Sydney timber flooring.

As the city is home to a large population and a strong housing market, there are always projects on the horizon and there is admittedly a large array of Sydney timber flooring providers to choose from. While our clients maintain that we provide the most stellar experience in the city, it doesn’t hurt to have a guide handy for future endeavours.

If you’re in the process of renovating, or simply shopping around for Sydney timber flooring providers and ideas, consider this checklist to be a solid guideline to base your decisions off of. We want to ensure that any work you’re contemplating in your home is conducted by the professionals that align with your intentions.

1. Pressure Free Measure & Quote
As our fair city is in a constant state of change and expansion, the demand for solid Sydney timber flooring is equally in the rise with each passing year. It can get expensive and time consuming to deal with inferior companies that don’t provide a competitive and professional attitude to the projects at hand.

One of the clever tricks used by some less-than-stellar companies is to offer free measurements and quotes on Sydney timber flooring options before applying pressure for purchase then and there.

We’re not in that racket of course, we understand the importance of keeping our clients focused on their dream interior, and not on dodging calls – when in doubt, check testimonials of any company you’re looking to hire.

2. Diverse Range For Different Styles & Aesthetics
We can’t have a post about Sydney timber flooring providers without mentioning the necessity for diverse range and stylish options. No two homes are ever quite the same, whether it is their aesthetic, their overall design (colonial, traditional, modern etc.), even their age dictates a need for options and ranges of a material. In the case of quality Sydney timber flooring, there should always be varied options available that are available, unique, and stylish.

The best way to determine the range on offer is by browsing through the website of your prospective provider and beginning to play around with different combinations and styles, the better examples of providers of Sydney timber flooring will typically have a showroom or physical location you can visit and see in person.

3. Sustainable Sources
Sustainability and reliability go hand in hand when working with natural materials. The quality of these materials is also vital for the longevity of your renovation project. OzTimberFloor has always been proud to cultivate and sustain meaningful relationships with providers of superior material at exceptional prices.

If you’ve already visited the showroom of your prospective Sydney timber flooring provider, this check should be straightforward as you’ll be able to tell immediately if the materials are of quality stature and reliability.

4. The Whole Package
We’ve seen every shade of company in this business, and throughout the years it’s really astounding at how few of them provide the whole package when it comes to installation, cultivation, and sustenance of Sydney timber flooring. While we offer a complete service in our projects – be on the lookout for future contractors who do not provide the services that you may need in the future, whether it’s the installation itself, sanding and polishing, or even the stripping when needed.

We’re extremely proud of the service we provide our clients, and we invite you to try for yourself and see why we’re the number one choice for Sydney timber flooring.