A good home is only as good as the hardwood timber floor that supports it – there are many reasons that this incredibly durable and traditional material has stood the test of time, not the least of which being related to the old adage, “if it isn’t broke, don’t fix it”. We have the same mentality, this is why OzTimberFloor has always provided our clients with impeccable results, and long-lasting style.

Some traditional methods of construction and style have gone by the wayside as time continues pressing forward with newer and more advanced techniques and materials becoming easier to garner and lay down. From architectural design for the exterior of the home, to the technology-based interior characteristics that have overthrown any traditional ideologies about design and function.

While these changes have been welcomed by a majority of the world, there is no substitute for the sound and feel of an authentic hardwood timber floor, the design and function of which are still in demand for new homeowners and renovators alike.

Timeless Style
While some will argue that hardwood timber floor designs aren’t for everyone, we would beg to differ. Typically, the first steps taken in any given home are accompanied by a glance at the ground and the sound that bounces off the walls. Hardwood timber floor has the combined elements of bold, warm, and timeless style with the unmistakable sound and feel from the first step across the threshold.

A hardwood timber floor also has the flexibility of enhancing both modern and traditional aesthetics, encouraging designers to get creative with the various natural shades that exist in the realm. It is this adaptable nature that gives it a timeless and never-ending appeal for new and old tastes.

Impeccable Endurance
We can’t talk about the timeless nature of a hardwood timber floor without discussing the physical components that make the material so famous. There is a level of endurance that naturally coincides with wood craftmanship, as the ground you walk on, especially in the home, will be trodden on and cop a lot of punishment. As such, the logical choice for an appropriate support that is notable for endurance and durability is undoubtedly a hardwood timber floor.

They are easy to clean and maintain, and capable of tolerating years of entertaining and general movement, the material has proven time and time again why reliable longevity is worth the price.

Dominant Demand
You can determine whether something is and isn’t in style by watching how the market reacts to it. The demand and popularity of having a hardwood timber floor installed in the home is steadily rising with each passing year, regardless of the supposed innovations taking place in alternative materials.

We can determine that the main reason for the rise in popularity stems from the previous points we have mentioned already, homeowners and businessowners alike have a shared passion for giving their interiors a classic and durable ground to walk on.

OzTimberFloor will continue to provide clients with a superior product and service. We are always ready and waiting to give you the hardwood timber floor that you’ve always been imagining. Contact us today for a free measure and quote.