We understand it can be a daunting task to ask the right questions of contractors you are hiring or looking to hire for your dream project – we’ve had our fair share of interesting questions as a premier timber floor installer in Sydney. While it can be difficult to even know where to even begin, there should always be a priority in knowing where your project stands in terms of things like budget, timeframes, materials, results, and deliverables.

Fear not, we at OzTimberFloor have collated 5 of the more pressing questions you should ask your timber floor installer in Sydney to ensure you’re always on the same page. These questions are usually best asked in the beginning stages of your relationship with a contractor, but there is no such thing as too late.

Hopefully at least a few of these questions will stand out in the back of your mind as something you can use for future projects in order to gain an easily understood grasp of where you stand with your timber floor installer in Sydney, or indeed any contractor.

1. How Much Experience Do You Have In The Industry?

A very good and common question that should be asked in the opening meeting with your prospective timber floor installer in Sydney. It should go without saying that experience in the field will usually correspond with the overall quality of the final product. This is an excellent question to pose to any contractor you hire for a project in your home or business. The best timber floor installer in Sydney will proudly tell you of their previous experience (check our testimonials and 15 years of experience) and the results should speak for themselves.

2. How Much Will All Of This Cost?

Usually, this question is answered upfront when you have a measurement and quote conducted by your tradesperson, and while a quote is an excellent start, having something a little more ironclad at the beginning of your project is suitable and understandable. Asking your timber floor installer in Sydney questions about what aspects of the budget will go where is also a great way of alleviating any concerns you may have of overspending or unexpected budgetary constraints.

3. What Material Is The Best Fit For My Current Home?

Any timber floor installer in Sydney worth their fee will have at least a basic understanding of how different materials will coincide with the already established foundations and build of the home. In the opening stages of deciding which material will suit your style, asking the timber floor installer in Sydney about how your chosen material will be compatible structurally is a tremendous help as it will serve to increase the longevity and sustainability of the finished project.

4. Is There A Guarantee You Offer For The Timeframe?

Many contractors, including your timber floor installer in Sydney cannot fully guarantee timeframes of course, as there can be issues that crop up unexpectedly that may delay proceedings. That being said, asking your timber floor installer in Sydney throughout the project for updates and concerns they may have is a great way for you to understand where your project is in the scope of everything, as well as give you an inside look at the process itself.

5. Do You Have Any Maintenance Tips?

The final question you should keep in the back of your mind will come at the end of the project, asking your timber floor installer in Sydney about proper care and maintenance for your new addition will allow you to get the best possible advice about ensuring a shine and quality that doesn’t degrade over time as easily.