At Oz Timber Floors, we know a thing or two about separating the good, the bad, and the ugly of Sydney timber flooring. We like to think that the reason we are so consistent and sought after is our unwavering dedication to enhancing interiors with high-quality materials and superior workmanship – but it does go a little beyond that.

We’ve received a number of questions and queries about what types of solid timber flooring will work best for a particular space, what are the best materials to use, even where we source our materials from. It’s certainly refreshing for us to see so much curiosity stemming from our clients and potential customers, so we thought it would be a nice idea to use our capacity as the premier hybrid floor installers in Sydney to answer a few of the more commonly asked questions about our business, and why Sydney timber flooring is the classic staple for modern life.

Which Material Is Best For Me?

Ah yes, the age-old question, which one is the best one? What will be the Sydney timber flooring choice that will be the “best” one for me? These are not simple questions to answer and there are many variables that should always go into deciding which material and build will be the most suitable one for you and your home.

We could spend all day discussing the pros and cons for each particular material choice, but essentially you can boil down your choice using a 3-prong approach:


This is ostensibly the largest determinator for the choices you’ll have. The price differential plays a massive role for consumers from budget friendly laminate to more refined and pricier solid timber flooring varieties. There’s no wrong answer with us as each product we offer go through a rigorous process of quality assurance.


While wood has its own allure and aesthetic on its own, the shading and feel of the end result will play a massive role in your decision-making. Some homes just aren’t suited for a heavier and oak-based derivative, and other modern aesthetics really thrive with a laminate or bamboo variant – it can all come down to colour palates and general feels that you wish to give to your interior space.


As experienced hybrid floor installers in Sydney we can say with confidence that there is an often-underappreciated amount of time dedicated to the feasibility or applicability of certain types of wooden installations. Apartments can have a little more trouble in getting bulkier and heavier installations and materials, and then there are the issues that can pop up with STRATA’s and approvals which can impede progress.

Why Are There More & More Hybrid Floor Installers In Sydney?

Simply put, it is becoming a more popular material choice that satisfies both the look and feel of solid timber flooring, without the price tag and after-care intensity. It’s a composite of laminate and vinyl variants and takes the best of both worlds without the peskiness of either. Being the hybrid floor installers in Sydney that we are, we can certainly speak to the smoother route of installation, and the peace of mind surrounding its ability to withstand some punishment and use.

Why Should I Choose You?

We’ve been providing choice and assurance to our clients for years. We’re always looking at the latest and greatest trends for Sydney timber flooring, and we always put the needs and vision of our clients above all else.


Don’t settle for second-rate, call up today and organise a free measure and quote and bask in the glory of quality.