The ground you walk upon in your home is just as important as the walls and the ceiling. It is the foundation in which showcases the overall quality and stability of your property. If you need new flooring or find that the base of your home needs a thorough makeover, a timber floor installer in Sydney can help make your home feel well and truly like one. You can expect these experts to work on many kinds of services, ranging from the removal and stripping, installation, sanding, and polishing, right up to the finishing touches. With this comprehensive range of services, it’s no wonder why more homeowners are choosing the expertise from timber floor installers in Sydney. Let’s open the door to what these services are all about and how they’ll make a difference to your property.

3 Services Provided By Timber Floor Installers In Sydney

1# Installation

One of the critical actions that timber floor installers in Sydney are good at is their ability to turn your ragged pieces of wood into pure solid gold. They’ll have a range of wooden shades and sizes to choose from, so you have a ground that is just how you envisioned for your dream home. After a consultation, they’ll have the boards prepared so that your floor is arranged and organised to perfection. This professional will already have their wooden boards that are fit to size to put into the base of your home instantaneously. Typically, most timber floor installers in Sydney work on adding 20-25 metres squared per day. Adhesive is then used to firmly glue everything together so that the boards will not move, giving you a durable base for your property. Once the preparation process is finished, it’s now time for sanding and polishing!

2# Removal And Stripping

While the removal process might seem easy to do, having a timber floor installer in Sydney there to guide you helps make it efficient and quick. As these experts have an abundance of experience in this field, they know how to best remove and add wooden boards to the foundation of your property. This ensures that the base will not have any hazards such as creeks, pits, rises, and water damage. Whether you are looking to lay the boards in a cork, floating, parquetry, and many other kinds of styles, you’ll need a timber floor installer in Sydney to help make sure your base is covered. And covered well.

3# Sanding And Polishing

Last in the list of services is the sanding and polishing stage, which would be the final touches timber floor installers in Sydney predominately end the process with. After a few days of preparing and inputting the new base for your home, sanding, and polishing is done to give the ground the perfect finish. It is essential during this stage that the bottom is kept clean to prevent contamination from occurring on the surface. With a timber floor installer in Sydney to help you, this can guarantee your home’s foundation stays intact and not cracked!