As the most experienced engineered floor installers in Sydney, we know a thing or two about what constitutes premium quality and assured longevity when it comes to your interior. Capital city interior design is always the guiding light for the latest trends and everlasting styles for those looking to renovate or build a new home – and it should go without saying that more modern homes, more focused designers are utilising engineered oak flooring in Sydney.

There are a number of solid reasons for this particular style being so dominant in so many modern aesthetics. Rather than list them all off, we’re going to break down 3 of the more principal reasons for their popularity and longevity in design circles.

1) The Wooden Look With An Affordable Twist

No one is denying the majesty of having a solid, durable ground to walk on in their homes. Wood has long been the signal of class and striking style in the more refined homes around the world. There’s certainly an automatic association with comfort, warmth, and strength when hearing the soft echoes and beautiful acoustics of proper wood.

One issue we’ve found in our experience is the affordability of more solid complete options, particularly for younger families and new homeowners. Engineered oak flooring in Sydney has all the bells and whistles of a solid timber build, but without the price tag. Making it even easier for those on a budget to have the feeling and aesthetics – without breaking the bank.

The hardwood is still present, just plastered over the top of the more affordable, but still solid, underwood.

2) Superior Stability

An oft forgotten advantage of engineered flooring in Sydney over solid alternatives is the increased stability of the foundations in more extreme conditions. The underwood (typically a plywood or pine substrate) works to contain the overt expansion and contraction of the solid wood top layer in the more extreme conditions. This is primarily because climatic events often have an impact on certain types of wood (the creaks and cracking sounds).

Another great advantage for engineered oak flooring in Sydney is in the durability and water resistance, particularly when you consider the protective coatings that are often implemented when pre-finishing engineered flooring in Sydney factories. This adds a durability and uniform feel and look for the interior, which will always alleviate stresses in extreme weather.

3) Easy Implementation

Speaking from experience as engineered floor installers in Sydney, we can say with some authority that it is much, much easier to implement over solid timber alternatives. As most types of engineered flooring in Sydney are implemented in a ‘floating’ style (over your existing ground, without the need to excavate or interfere with existing structural integrity), the process is immeasurably easier than with solid timber options.

This makes our job easier, your life easier, and cuts the headache associated with having to maneuver around for long periods of time.

If you have any questions to ask the most experienced engineered floor installers in Sydney, don’t hesitate to get in contact with us here.